Films shape our imaginations and beliefs in powerful ways. Movie Night Chats help families drive faith discussions and sharpen critical thinking skills. Each post describes a film you can rent and provides a few starter questions. (Caution: Since some titles include offensive content pre-screen before watching together.) My PODCAST includes editions on the value and process of movie night chats.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Based upon a true story, this film shows a minister on trial after trying to help a college-aged girl (Emily Rose) break free of what appears to be demonic possession. The clergyman is accused of negligent homicide because he used spiritual intervention in place of psychiatric treatment. His defense attorney, an unbeliever, faces the difficult challenge of proving the existence of demons. (Caution: This film is NOT appropriate for younger viewers as it deals with a true story involving possible demonic activity. This is not a feel-good movie for casual viewing and should only be viewed with older teens mature enough to discuss the reality of Satan vs. the power of Christ.)   

  1.  Medical and psychiatric experts claimed that Emily's symptoms suggest epileptic seizures rather than demonic activity.  If you were a member of the jury, would you have found their arguments convincing?  Why or why not?  (See "A" below)
  2. After learning of several scary incidents in the lawyer's life, the minister suggests she herself may be under spiritual attack.  Do you believe Satan manipulates people in this way when they are doing something that threatens his agenda?  (See "B" below)
  3. The prosecuting attorney claims to be a religious man, yet he repeatedly dismisses the possibility of supernatural activity.  The defense attorney claims no faith, yet seems open to the priest's story.  Which more closely reflects a spiritual worldview vs. a purely material view of the world?  (See "C" and "B" below)
  • A) The symptoms of demonic possession described in the Bible are very similar to an epileptic seizure. (See Mark 9:14-27) It seems that both physical or supernatural causes can trigger the same symptoms.
  • B) Jesus said that the Devil’s primary weapon against us is deception. (John 8:44) If he can get us to believe a lie and live according to that lie he has gained control over us.
  • C)  C.S. Lewis said that Satan is equally happy with two errors: (1) Thinking too much about demons, or (2) Thinking they don’t exist at all. Which error is more common in our generation?
  • D)  In Ephesians 6:10-18 Paul told believers that we battle against spiritual forces. In John 8:31-32 Jesus said that our primary weapon against Satan’s deceptive power is holding to the truth.  Go further by listening to a podcast episode featuring a debate between Lucifer and Michael by going HERE. 
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