Films shape our imaginations and beliefs in powerful ways. Movie Night Chats help families drive faith discussions and sharpen critical thinking skills. Each post describes a film you can rent and provides a few starter questions. (Caution: Since some titles include offensive content pre-screen before watching together.) My PODCAST includes editions on the value and process of movie night chats.


In this film, the main character (played by Jodi Foster) is a scientist on a quest to find intelligent life beyond earth. Once contact is made, the people of earth create a machine which allows her to travel across the galaxies and communicate directly with alien beings. There is a scene in the film while the main character is traveling through space and becomes overwhelmed with the beauty and majesty of space - to the point that she can’t even speak. Zero in on this scene and ask the following discussion questions...

  • Question: What view of God does Jodie Foster’s character represent? Answer: The view that without proof, we can’t believe in God
  • Question: Why did she become overwhelmed at the splendor and majesty of space? Answer: Because she was experiencing something greater than herself.
  • Question: What passage of scripture speaks to what she experienced while traveling through space? Answer: Psalm 19 says that the heavens declare the glory of God!
  • Question: What is the truth she refused to accept? Answer: That the order and beauty of our universe is evidence of a Creator God.
More on Contact: Download an ARTICLE about Contact from one of Kurt Bruner’s books for further reflection. You can also find an episode of his podcast about the film's key themes by clicking HERE.

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